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Our easy-to-use technology assures you of student

safety through effective tracking and monitoring.

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Potto Benefits

Amazing Benefits for Everyone

Potto is a security management solution designed to ensure the safety of students against varying security threats from early detection to quick response, using leading-edge technologies.


Safeguard Students

Utilising Potto's guardian verification system, digital visitor management, comprehensive student tracking or school entry and exit, and electronic manifest for bus monitoring, you can effortlessly keep tabs on each student from the convenience of your location, no matter when or where.

Streamline Operations

Streamline your school dismissal procedures, centralize attendance tracking, and establish a unified, real-time, hassle-free system to monitor and report late arrivals, early dismissals, bus alterations, playdates, and other aspects. This efficient approach is sure to earn the appreciation of both your parents and staff.

Simplify Communication

Improve administrative workload by 15% by enabling parents to inform the school about their child's arrival for pickup, request dismissal changes, and receive notifications regarding tardiness and child truancy through the Potto App and SMS.

Problem Statement

Over 80% of parents express concerns regarding the safety and academic performance of their child.

Many administrators have failed to lay a foundation of safety for their schools which has resulted to:

1. Child Theft

57% of missing persons in Nigeria are children according to the 2020 report by ICRC.

2. Student Truancy

A student's likelihood of passing a standard exam drops to 35% if he/she misses between 19 to 38 days of school within a year.

3. Exhausting Dismissals

About 65 minutes or more is expended during students’ pickup and it is characterized by stress, anxiety, and a state of chaos which could make the children vulnerable.

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Potto Solutions

One Platform that handles your Students’ Safety Challenges

A technological ecosystem to efficiently keep your students secured

Mobility Management

Provide parents with real-time information on school bus activities, student arrivals, and dismissal processes, geared towards student safety through SMS and push notifications.

Guardian and Visitor Validation

Authenticates the identities of guardians responsible for dropping off and picking up a child, and enhances appointment scheduling for proper visitor management

Emergency Management

Instantly alerts various emergency responders such as parents, the police, fire department, and healthcare facilities, in the event of a school emergency.

Truancy Control

Monitors the attendance of students and staff according to their timetables, keeping a record of their presence or absence in each subject/class, and assessing their overall punctuality to school.

Smart ID Cards

Create Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) cards and Quick Response (QR) codes instantly for every enrolled student and staff.

Communication Management

Offers a hybrid system of communication that allows schools to utilize a blend of bulk and individual short message service (SMS), push notifications, and in-app messaging to ensure effective communication with all stakeholders.

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We will provide guidance and support as you embark on these steps to digitalize your school.



Create an account with us using your email address and then confirm your account by verifying it through the email inbox.



Customize the Potto application software to match your preferred outlook and align it with your specific operational and structural requirements.



Input informative details about your staff, students, parents, and guardians, and generate individual passkeys for each user.


Listen to what Our Clients Say

Our clients are not only satisfied, with Potto they are exceeding parents expectations.

Honestly Potto has brought me peace of mind regarding the operations and safety of my student. This solution is a-must-have for every school owner.

Eze Ejike

Principal, Potto Secondary School.